Print Club London

Founded in Dalston in 2007, just down the road from us, Print Club London is a contemporary screen printing studio dedicated to nurturing creative talent and the craft of screen printing. And they really mean it. They share their knowledge of this great medium through various workshops and are open to their members 24/7. They also operate a creative studio with desk space for over 40 illustrators and designers. And a gallery too! It's a real creative hub, and the energy when you walk in is truly special!

Needless to say we love screen printing, with so many of our products, from the prints to the bags, pillow cases and even plates being screen printed. In fact, at the time of writing this, only our socks are not screen printed. For a lot of applications, you just can't beat the crispness of the print and the depth of colour. It brings out our minimal designs in the best possible way.

Originally we did all the screen printing on paper ourselves, but as things have been going so well, we sadly don't find the time anymore. But lucky for us, Print Club London run Tuckshop which is run by printers from Print Club London, offering screenprinting services to people like us. As all the printers are artists who also print their own work, we knew their attention to detail would be fantastic.

And we were very proud when they agreed to sell all of our prints in their prolific online shop.