Meet our sock makers

It was a very long journey to find our sock manufacturer. One that took us all the way to Portugal. When we found A. J. Goncalves, we new they were what we had been looking for.

The family-run company, which dates back to the turn of the 20th century, initially specialised in textiles and owned several fabric and yarn factories before turning its focus to hosiery in 1966. Since then, the firm has updated its equipment and techniques many times which means they have amazing knowledge through their heritage combined with up to date high end equipment.

We also liked that the company produce socks for their own brand, Pedemaia, which is a high-street staple with 27 shops in Portugal and Spain, as well as manufacturing socks for some very well-known UK brands. It's always good to work with companies who produce their own work as it brings a different kind of enthusiasm for the products they make, which always translates to the products they make for other people!

And having looked through sock samples from almost ten different companies from all over Europe, we could tell immediately that the products matched their story. And we were not let down despite our modest production scale. They couldn't have taken us more serious if we ordered tens of thousands of socks! 

Get the Together socks in three lovely colour ways for men and women in our shop.

Claudia Pape